Welcome to the homepages of "Peltosalmi Farm"


Our farm is located in central-Finland, in the province of Northern-Savo, in Iisalmi. Our main product is milk and we also produce meat calves to the other farmers. In our fields we grow grass and barley for our animals to eat during the winter season.

In these websites I’ll tell about our work and workmates, so mostly of the pages are full of cows... :)  I have made these pages by myself and all of the images are also taken by me. All background images are from the farm environment. Some pages include heavy image files, so modem users, be patient... ;)

I wish you to leave some messages or comments into my guestbook. Feedback is always hoped-for.

 English site is still under construction, I hope I'll find the time and the place to finish it as soon as possible... :)




Contact information:

Peltosalmen Tila
Harri Heino ja Heli Gröhn
Salmenrannantie 170
FIN-74520 Iisalmi